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Glamzy FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Glamzy?
A. Glamzy is an application for creating and sharing face charts.

Q. How do I change colors on Android?
A. To change colors on the Android version of Glamzy simply press the menu button and select the "Colors" option.

Q. How do I submit a canvas to be seen publicly?
A. For both Android and iPhone, you go to the canvas menu and select "Submit Canvas" you will be shown a form to fill out with an Artist Name and a Canvas Title. If you fill in both and touch submit, you will be forwarded to your email application. From here you should only touch send, and nothing else.

Q. Where can I view my submitted canvas?
A. The short answer, Glamzy Spotlight. You can also click on the Glamzy Canvases button in the app which will take you to the Glamzy Spotlight page.

Q. Why does Glamzy crash?
A. At this point in time there maybe several reason why Glamzy would crash. One, because Glamzy is still in its infant stages and there are a few bugs yet to be squashed. Two, your phone might be using too many resources.

Q. What can I do to help?
A. If you want to help make Glamzy a better app then you're in luck. You can simply send feedback about how you like or don't like the app. You can report bugs or crashes with a description of when it took place and what device you were using. You can submit your favorite canvases to Glamzy to be viewed by all. Or you can rate Glamzy and leave a comment on the App Store or Market.